The IPA has now got agreement with Manor Farm Fisheries to have fishing rights on the Ivel which formerly belonged to CEEMEX. The stretch is 700 yards and starts at the Footbridge over the Ivel at the top end of Biggleswade Common and extends to the fence at the end of the gravel pit formerly called the Nature Reserve.

Access Arrangements:

1. Entrance to Manor Farm is off of the south bound carriageway of the A1 between Sandy and Biggleswade.
2. The Auto Site Entrance barrier operates from 0700 in the Summer and 0800 in the Winter Months. No access is available after 1800 Summer and 1700 Winter.
3. On entry park in Shop Car Park and go into shop and show your Club Card to prove you are an IPA member. The Shop has a list of all IPA Clubs.
4. The shop will issue you with an entry token shaped like a 10p coin which you use to enter the fishery by inserting into an auto. mechanism which will open the Fishery Gate.
5. Drive to the far end car park and from there it is a short walk to the River.
6. Exit is from a separate gate to the token entry and the main site gate will automatically let you out.
7. EXTREME CAUTION when exiting onto the A1 turn left towards Biggleswade do not attempt to cross over the centre reservation.


Manor Farm offer a £1 discount on day tickets to IPA members for details of this fishery see:-

manorfarmfishing.co.uk     Fishing Details
Tackle Barn Shop Details